A radiant star in the ambiance of Odia literature, Jagannath Dasa is a prominent name among the Panchasakhas of 16th Century. He was born in 1490 on Radhastami Day about 5 away from Puri, in Kapileswarpur Sashana. His consummate work 'Bhagabata' is daily read almost in every household of Odisha. In the history of Odia literature and culture the name of Jagannatha Dasa has been immortalized as a leading devotee.  His father's name was Bhagaban Dasa and his mother's name was Padmavati. Atibadi Jagannath Dasa was one among the five comrades of his contemporaries like Achyutananda, Balarama, Sishu Ananta and Yosabanta Dash who pioneered the Bhakti movement in Odisha. His unique creation 'Srimad Bhagabata' is a pioneering piece of Odia literature. It continues to evoke spiritual feeling with an established ritual of regular recitation. Odia "Bhagabata Ghara'bears ample testimony to this fact. One can hardly find a village in Odisha, where there is no 'Bhagabata Ghara' and a house , where Jagannatha Dasa
's unique creation Bhagabata is neither worshiped nor recited. Bhagabata is really the companion of life and death of an Odia. For ages together this masterpiece is the pathfinder of knowledge and devotion of crores of Odias. Its universal appeal is as old as perennial now. Taking into account all these factors, it can undoubtedly to be told that 'Bhagabata Tungi' was the life or nerve center of rural life in Odisha.